Personal Coaching

SO’C Consulting specialises in coaching individuals to success!

One on One

Personal coaching can be the right solution for executives, leaders, managers or staff.

In our coaching sessions the learning pathway is flexible to meet the need of the individuals current challenges and circumstances. This means your team member focusses on the issues that are current and relevant to them. Your staff will get the benefit of learning in a private environment, where discussions are confidential. Good rapport between the coach and coachee will assist honest, open and supportive conversations so any sensitive issues can be addressed. Learning is often fast tracked in a personal coaching environment, rather than in a group workshop.

SO’C Consulting has a network of expert coaches who can work with your team member in a one-to-one environment. The personal coaching sessions will cover the needs of the coachee and may include subjects such as; presentation preparations, communication and interpersonal skills, dealing with conflict, emotional intelligence, leadership and how to influence other more effectively etc.

It is important that your staff work with the right coach for them.  SO’C Consulting has a broad network of coaches to ensure that both parties are confident and comfortable to work together.

Contact to ask about how the personal coaching sessions run, what is required to prepare prior to personal coaching and who else may get involved.

Allow us to help you grow employees and your business.